Friday, October 7, 2016

Indonesian farmers and extension workers receive training on participatory video production

by Reianne Quilloy

(Reposted from Rice Today)

PALEMBANG, Indonesia—Indonesian farmers and extension workers were recently trained in basic video editing as part of making effective participatory videos for spreading new technologies to other rice farmers.

Forty-five farmers and extension personnel from the tidal swamp villages of Sumbur Mulyo, Sidorharjo, Telang Rejo, and Mekar Sari on Sumatra Island attended the training provided by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and funded by Give2Asia on 1-2 August. This training is a part of a bigger participatory video effort that focuses on disseminating technologies developed through Closing rice yield gaps in Asia with reduced environmental footprints (CORIGAP), an IRRI project with Indonesia as part of its geographic focus.

The budding videographers worked together to edit video materials they produced during an earlier production training in March. Trina Mendoza, a development communication expert and consultant to Give2Asia and CORIGAP, and Reianne Quilloy, IRRI communication and outreach specialist, facilitated the training. The edited videos were exhibited to allow participants to receive feedback on how to improve their production skills.

“I am grateful about this training,” an enthusiastic participant said. “In Mekar Sari village, we have someone who knows how to shoot videos but does not know how to edit them. He goes all the way to Palembang to have our videos edited. Now, that is no longer necessary.”

Participatory videos can be effective in documenting local people’s experiences, needs, and solutions based on their own perspectives. The videos can be useful tools in promoting community-led movements, technology, and innovations.

“An advantage of creating participatory videos is that realities are captured well,” Mendoza said. “They tell more compelling stories worth sharing with fellow farmers and the world.”  She encouraged the participants to continue creating videos that reveal their stories of farming challenges and significant changes.

Harmanto, director of the Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) in South Sumatra, expressed his gratitude for the activity. “This will help us disseminate solutions to improve rice production that will benefit our farmers,” he said. “The videos are being uploaded onto the BPTP website to reach a wider audience.”

CORIGAP is a regional consortium led by IRRI on developing and demonstrating best crop management approaches for improving irrigated rice farming in an environmentally sustainable manner. Give2Asia ensures safe, effective, and impactful international philanthropy. IRRI has partnered with the organization to engage more donors who share IRRIs cause. The donations received through Give2Asia support IRRIs work across Asia.

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